Shell Gadus greases in Lube-Shuttle® screw cartridge system

Industrial grease - Gadus Jungent

Shell Gadus high performance greases now available for the Lube-Shuttle® screw cartridge system. The future of clean and efficient greasing.

Greasing equipment with standard grease guns can be a dirty and time-consuming task. As a result, it can be seen as an unwelcome job and sometimes gets skipped.
We’ve now introduced a better alternative available for efficiently greasing equipment: the Lube-Shuttle® Screw Cartridge System. Lube-Shuttle® takes the hassle out of greasing, it is quick, easy and clean.

  1. 1. Screw cap off
  2. 2. Push grease slightly over the neck of the tube
  3. 3. Screw the cartridge into the gun
Lube-shuttle grease gun

System benefits include
• No tear-off caps or tools required to open and close after use – reducing waste and minimising risk of potential contamination
• Sealed cartridge with a plunger, operated by vacuum, eliminates the need for the heavy spring and plunger found on a standard grease gun
• Stable 1-inch screw head – tearing off the screw head less likely versus other screw cartridge systems
• The grade used in the grease gun is visible, the fill status can easily be checked
• Lube-Shuttle® cartridges are recyclable. They are made of low-impurity plastic with little residue is left in the cartridge once emptied, product recycling and protection of the environment are optimized;
• Even flow of grease, even if fluidity is low;
• The design of the plunger minimizes leaking and enables almost total consumption of the grease inside the cartridge helping to save time, money and resources.

Shell remains the leading global supplier of lubricants

Shell Lubricants 13 Years No.1 Jungent

Shell remains the leading global supplier of finished lubricants for 13 consecutive years, according to Kline & Company’s 17th Edition Global Lubricants Industry: Market Analysis and Assessment: 2019 report. Using 2018 as the base year, the report covers all leading lubricant consuming country markets, market segments, product types, and formulations.

“Shell’s growth strategy for lubricants is working. Our balanced portfolio of market leading products and growing digital services are enabling us to build business across all market segments and demonstrate the resiliency of our business in an increasingly dynamic global lubricants market,” said Huibert Vigeveno, Executive Vice President, Shell Global Commercial. “The Kline report shows that we are widening our lead over our main competitors and I am particularly pleased with the growing demand for our premium lubricants and our growth in the industrials segment. We have been focusing on what our customers need and adapting our offer accordingly, which is resulting in material earnings growth and contributing resilient free cash flow to the Shell Group.”

According to the report, Shell grew its leading global market share in 2018 relative to the year prior, while other IOC competitors saw declines. Shell’s total volumes sold were approximately 4,500 kilotonnes of finished lubricants, equivalent to approximately 5 billion litres. These sales were split almost evenly between three segments: consumer automotive (30%), industrial (36%) and commercial automotive (34%).


Shell has a history of innovation in lubricants and was the first to market cleaner, purer lubricants made from natural gas. As the customer needs evolve, Shell is continuing to innovate and has launched Shell E-Fluids that are specifically designed for the growing electric vehicle market. Earlier this year, Shell also announced MachineMax which is a new digital service for industrial customers that helps optimise the operation of machinery.