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Jungent is Shell Lubricants Macro-distributor in Baltic’s – we supply industrial,automotive, marine and aviation lubricants in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Since 2007 in lubricants business dedicated to distribution and application of technical fluids, greases and service products representing one of the most known brands, visible and recognized worldwide.

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Our Latest News

Shell Gadus greases in Lube-Shuttle® screw cartridge system

Shell Gadus high performance greases now available for the Lube-Shuttle® screw cartridge system. The future of clean and efficient greasing. Greasing equipment with standard grease guns can be a dirty and time-consuming task. As a result, it can be seen...

Shell remains the leading global supplier of lubricants

Shell remains the leading global supplier of finished lubricants for 13 consecutive years, according to Kline & Company’s 17th Edition Global Lubricants Industry: Market Analysis and Assessment: 2019 report. Using 2018 as the base year, the report covers all leading...

Leaders in Industrial Process Fluids Combine to Form Quaker Houghton

Quaker Chemical Corporation and Houghton International have combined to create Quaker Houghton (NYSE: KWR), the global leader in industrial process fluids to the primary metals and metalworking markets. Along with the new name, the company revealed a new logo and…


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PurePlus technology

Today’s vehicles need a motor oil that keeps pace with their changing demands and does more to improve performance and engine life. This is why Shell designed an entirely new way to produce synthetic base oils from natural gas instead…


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