• In order to download Shell product Safety Data Sheets and Specifications  please go to, choose English) and click Continue

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Country selection

On next page  choose  Region/Markets Estonia (Select from the list), as then you would be offered specific country language documents next to English documents . For Latvian or Lithuanian text documents , please choose Latvia or Lithuania.

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Product name selection

Choose search with  Product Name

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Product name single choice

Edit part of the search text for example  “Helix Ultra ECT”  and click Search

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column choice

As a result, you should get choice of search matching records:

For Material Safety Data Sheets in Estonian language , choose ET at column MSDS , after which you would be directed to new page.  For Technical Data Sheets choose from  TDS column matching record .

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  • Confirm the disclaimer by  Accept button

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New window will open with Document link. Click on link to download it in .pdf format

MSDS example will look like this  Helix Ultra ECT 0W-30. TDS will look like this example TDS.