Shell Turbo Oil T 46

High Quality Industrial Steam & Gas Turbine Oils.

Product Description

Shell Turbo Oils T have been developed to offer improved performance capable of meeting the demands of the most modern steam turbine systems and light duty gas turbines, which require no enhanced anti-wear performance for the gearbox. Shell Turbo Oils T are formulated from high quality hydrotreated base oils and a combination of zinc- free additives that provide excellent oxidative stability, protection against rust & corrosion, low foaming and excellent demulsibility.

Product Specification

DIN 51515-1 L-TD, 51515-2 L-TG, 51524-1 HL; Siemens Power Generation TLV 9013 04 & TLV 9013 05
Alstom HTGD 90117 V 0001 AA
Man Turbo SP 079984 D0000 E99
Fives Cincinnati, LLC (formaly Cincinnati Machine): P-55
General Electric GEK 28143b, GEK 117064
ISO 8068:2006 – L-TGA, 8068:2006 – L-TSA
Solar ES 9-224Y Class II
GEC Alsthom NBA P50001A
JIS K 2213: 2006 Type 2
ASTM D4304-13 Type I & III
GB11120, L-TSA and L-TGA
Indian Standard IS 1012:2002
Skoda Technical Properties Tp 0010P/97 use in steam
Alstom Power Hydro Generators (spec HTWT600050)
Dresser Rand (spec 003-406-001)
Andritz Hydro
Siemens Turbo Compressors (spec 800 037 98)
MAN D&T SE TED 10000494596
GE Oil and Gas – Appropriate Specification listed under
document ITN52220.04
ANSALDO TGO2-0171-E00000/B